A video project goes through many steps during the post-production process before it is finished. We have the tools and the skill sets here to execute and oversee every step of the post-production process. 


Editing systems are important, but our process stays the same regardless of the editing software. We take each project through a process of building an edit and then refining that edit until we're ready for the next phase of the project.  We've edited a variety of projects including commercials, web videos, short films and documentaries. 


A project is not finished unless audio is mixed and color has been appropriately polished. Some projects only need basic color correction and enhancements. This may mean adjusting the color cast of some shots or matching the look of two cameras. Many projects will require more color grading to achieve the desired look. We can help determine what kind of look is appropriate for the project as well as how to achieve it. Sometimes we do color correction and grading within the editing system itself, and other times we need to take the project to a dedicated color application. 

motion graphics and ANIMATION

Sometimes video footage doesn't exist for a project and imagery needs to be built from nothing. In that case, we can create a vibrant engaging motion graphic piece. Other times, our graphics can elevate a video edit from good to stunning.