We've been spending a lot of time out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I'll be the first one to tell you, I don't have a clue about racing cars. I don't. But now, I have a huge appreciation for the entire sport of auto racing. SMP Vegas spent 3 days at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Kobalt 400, and just recently 2 more days prepping and shooting driving interiors. I was amazed at the precision, skill, determination and safety on display on every level. From the mechanics to the drivers and everyone in between, these groups of professionals are a lesson in effective teamwork. They are all there for the love of their sport, and are open to introducing people to their world.

It was a hustle weekend for the Kobalt 400. We shot everything we could, utilizing our Black Magic Cinema Camera and a Canon C100 with an assortment of compact primes and a cinema zoom lens. We were given complete access to the garages, the pits, the track and most of the drivers. At first, it was bit overwhelming, but it quickly turned into "a kid in the candy store" day. We couldn't get enough of the atmosphere and the excitement. It was amazing and a highlight for the team at SMP. The footage we captured is amazing. 

Mr. Jesse Johnson doing his thing. He is one of the most valuable, hardest working guys we work with.

Mr. Jesse Johnson doing his thing. He is one of the most valuable, hardest working guys we work with.

Weeks later, we returned to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a series of interior shots. We needed to get the action and rush of being in a NASCAR. With a lot of help from our friends at the Richard Petty Driving experience, we rigged a car with the Black Magic Cinema Camera and a Canon 14 mm cinema prime lens. Once we tested the rig, it was off to the track with our hero camera car and a handful of additional race cars. The drivers hit the track and gave us an assortment of passes, follows and leads. For good measure, we strapped on a couple GoPros. It was an amazing day. To the folks at B&P Advertising, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and The Richard Petty Driving Experience... thank you for all of your help, your guidance and the opportunity. I can now say, I not only understand the sport... I am a fan.

The Black Magic is secure and ready for business.

As I type, the team is setting up our new Mac Pros and building out the new systems. SMP Vegas will be introducing the new systems within the next couple weeks. Our video and audio boxes are all being updated. We are excited for this update and excited for our clients to experience a new level of service. This update will allow the team to take advantage of working across multiple platforms. These systems will be faster and give SMP Vegas the opportunity to make the client experience more freeing, and ultimately create a better final product. We are beyond excited.

SMP Vegas has been working on a feature length documentary for the past couple months and the finish line is in sight. Craig and the director have been crafting this wonderful film and it gets better and better with each day. Soon the film will be heading in for the original score, an audio mix, sound design, color grading and final output. We are thrilled to be involved with this project. Working on this film has been a great experience for all of us here at SMP Vegas. The feature length film experience is a true test of patience and endurance.

And finally, all of us at SMP Vegas want to give a huge congratulations and shout out to the team at Light Forge Studios for the release of their newest film,  Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West. Show your support for local filmmakers and get behind this film.  http://www.popovichmovie.com.

Till next time.