Hey all- We are extremely happy to announce a new project at SMP Vegas. It is a feature length documentary titled "Semi Colon." We are working with L to the Highest Power Productions on this project. This film is going to be an emotional ride with a young woman and her family as they deal with the young woman's severe case of Crohn's Disease. This story focuses on her strength and determination to educate herself and others about Crohn's Disease. We will be following her fight as her doctors and family help her battle the disease. This project has brought together an incredible team of video professionals, animators,  doctors and a director with a focused vision. SMP Vegas is proud to be a part of the team. I'll continue to post updates about this project and ways for you to be involved and meet the people behind the scenes. Stay in touch for more updates. You will fall in love with this girl's personality and strength... she is a true inspiration.