SMP Vegas is really excited about a handful of things happening.

First thing, The documentary- Craig is deep into cutting a feature length film. We will be rolling out more information pretty soon and from what I hear there could be some footage to preview really soon too. Also associated with the doc, we will be welcoming Jared Mander, the DP of the film, for a visit and an interview about the film. Jared is a gifted and talented DP, who brings tons of experience to this project.

Next, we said good-bye to Chris Sekerek, who moved to California to follow his dream of becoming the first hydroponic farmer of the hybrid avacado-lime-cilantro fruit. Crack it open and instant guacamole. He seems to believe in it. We wish him the best.  To fill his place, we've hired a new addition to the team. His name is Ib Gillett. Ib comes to us from Arizona, where he was cutting Harlem Globetrotter spots and working on his After Effects skills. We are excited to have Ib as part of the team.

Finally, SMP Vegas is upgrading all its work stations to the new Mac Pros. We will be upgrading the facility across the board. This upgrade will benefit the production process as a whole. There is nothing better than getting new gear. It will be like opening an avocado and realizing it's already guacamole. Huh, Little Chris might be on to something.

And to throw this out there, with NAB coming up... What are you excited about seeing or learning about? Let us know... We're curious. Send us your thoughts or links to

Anyway, be good and stay tuned.