Well, the summer heat seems to be slowly giving way to Fall. If you're like us, you couldn't be happier.

With the arrival of Fall, it means returning to the always entertaining Cache Creek Casino with the incredible team from B&P Advertising. This year we continued with the concept of oversized numbers and words to convey to the players in Northern California that Cache Creek Casino offers the best odds and betting options of any other property in the area. This year we utilized the power of the RED Dragon. This camera gave us the most diversity for rich colors, incredible detail and the HDR function. We even shot a couple scenes in 6K! Just a couple though. The 6K gave us a tremendous amount of information and the ability to really move around the frame. But man, those files are huge! We are super happy with the final spots and we will be sharing them very soon. They are going through final color as I type.

Speaking of color, I'd really like to take a moment to talk about our color services. Its funny to me that less than 10 years ago a spot would not be finished till it received some love from a colorist. Now, before you get all up in arms, I'm not saying this still doesn't happen. It does. It just doesn't happen too often. In my opinion, the "looks good to me" has carried over from on-set video village to the edit suite. Clients are happy with the results of a super simple "best light" look. Now, I get it to a certain extent but diving into a project and really utilizing Di Vinci Resolve is amazing. The footage will look incredible and on top of that you have the ability to help design the message and tone by exploring Resolve. It could be as simple as a subtle vignette to help the viewer focus on a point of interest, or it could be cleaning up someone's complexion or a bloodshot eye. How about creating layers and textures from the mass amounts of information collected from set? What I am trying to say- I think we have lost sight of a very important part of the process. There is no reason we should not be making everything we deliver as perfect as possible. I know. I know exactly what you are saying, "Chris, you want us to spend more money!" Well of course I do, that's why we are here. But so do you. You as the client want to make more money too. It's how we do things. But all I am saying in this situation is to explore what can be done by color grading your final product. Here is a little secret: when you're not looking, we color grade all our projects- every single one of them.  We want everything we do to look incredible. Normally, we bring the DP back into the session and have them work with the colorist. This insures the image is following a direction from the person who designed it. It has worked out really well and clients have really seen the benefit. So, when it comes time for your next project, please keep in mind the time to really work the color. It will make a difference. And if you have any questions about Di Vinci Resolve please let us know.

8 years ago, we produced a commercial spot for Southern Nevada Health District called "Flu TV." The spot featured a gaggle of sock puppets listening to a marionette puppet Doctor talk about the benefits of using a tissue, so as not to spread germs. It was one of the best experiences of my professional career. Puppets are awesome! I was lucky enough to keep in touch with most of the puppeteers. One in particular, his name is Scott Land. Scott was an LA based puppeteer, but he and his shop are now here in Las Vegas. Scott is an incredible talent, who is a true master of his craft. We were fortunate enough to be allowed into Scott's shop to shoot a short little doc on Scott and his craft. The video will be posted very soon. As Scott and I chatted during the shoot, we riffed ideas back and forth on how we could work together again. All I can say is this... some cool ideas are now being developed and we are excited about the opportunity. The video is available on our YOUTUBE channel. http://youtu.be/RlKfKA0tXW8

Well, that's it for now. Of course, there are other things but for right now this should hold you over till the next post. Please keep in mind, we are totally down for any questions you might have. All you need to do is reach out and ask. 

Talk to you soon,