The month of May has proven to be an interesting month. We welcomed Jarrod Oram to the team. Jarrod is our Senior Producer. He brings a great energy, work ethic and knowledge to the team. We are super happy to have him with us. Another great thing about Jarrod, he celebrates and sulks over baked goods... and he shares. Hopefully, it will be all about celebrating. Feel free to shoot Jarrod an e-mail- And stay tuned for his posts on our SMP Vegas facebook page.  

We worked with a cool piece of equipment this month. It is the Tyler Mount Mini Gyro. This little sucker basically absorbs the vibrations of a vehicle or aircraft to create a smooth ride for the camera. It was a lot of fun to use and it made our shoot for R+W Advertising smooth. The mount is available through Sundance Helicopters- ask for Tom.

Recently, we have been drinking some fine craft beers and sampling whiskey. It's kinda research for an couple up coming projects. We'll have more to come on this project real soon.

We also just finished producing an episode of Sessions: Las Vegas, a local music show promoting the local music scene. The episode we shot is with The Clydesdale. These guys are super talented and a lot of fun. Sessions: Las Vegas will be airing on Vegas TV- KTUD Channel very soon.

And finally, we received our Blackmagic Cinema Camera. We've shot a couple things on the camera and it is proving to be a very powerful tool. It has a great look when it is paired with the right lens. It can also capture big beautiful images at 2.5k. We will continue to play with the camera and start sharing images. 

So, that's it for now. And in the wise words of my 4 year old... don't forget to brush your hair and change your underwear! 

See ya soon.