What's happening everyone...

A lot has been going on here at SMP Vegas. We've had a busy month or so. Between new spots for VEGAS.COM, some animation projects and our normal work load, it's been an exciting time. Let's start with our animation project.

We worked with MARZ and Co. for their client Aristocrat Technology. The task was to create a buffalo charging through an open space while along the way leaping, running and ducking in and out of different mobile devices. The buffalo ran past a laptop, through a tablet, then into a smart phone and finally settled into a gaming cabinet. Craig took the lead on this project and jumped into Cinema 4D. With the help of Turbo Squid, Craig found the right buffalo for the project. From there, he created the frame and skeleton to create a weighted structure. After some tweaks and a crazy amount of manipulations, the buffalo came to life. Then came the actual animation of the running buffalo. Craig end up using a series of stills created for a penny movie machine from the early 1900's as his guide - old became new. Matt jumped in on the buffalo project to assist in creating the space and the devices for the buffalo to interact with. It was an incredible exercise in teamwork and the new tech we have here at SMP Vegas. In the end, everything came together and the presentation video was a hit. Craig, Matt and Kevin did an awesome job. We'll be posting the video very soon for everyone to see.

We also produced a series of spots for The Geary Company and their client Golden Gaming. We shot in Glaziers Food Market overnight and had a great time with the cast and crew. The spots hit the market in high frequency and we are very proud to be a part of Golden Gaming's roll out for their rewards program.

On the production side,  we discovered the Canon series of CS cameras. While we wait for our Blackmagic Cinema camera, we have been renting and working with the CS100 and CS300. Partner these with a set of Zeiss Compact Prime lens and wow! These are amazing cameras that capture a fantastic image and will not break the bank. We used the CS300 on the latest VEGAS.COM commercial.

The VEGAS.COM  spots were shot on green screen and placed our lovely host Denise Pernula in a series of Vegas locations. It's a fun concept and it looks great.

As we begin to roll towards the summer, SMP Vegas is excited about a handful of great projects on the books. So stay tuned, we'll keep you posted. We also will be adding onto the team... I can't say too much but pretty soon we will be making the announcement. 

That's it for now. Talk to you soon.


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