2013 is just about over and the new year is waiting to begin. At SMP Vegas, we are excited for the new year. I mean, who wouldn't be... our job is about making people feel something about what they are seeing, hearing and/or both. It's pretty cool.

This past year presented us with some great projects with great people. We are all very thankful to our clients-- each and everyone-- for their hard work and trust.  And we know, some things aren't very exciting to look at and somethings are a bit annoying to listen to, but we always find the good. We love every second, of every minute, of what we do. We make sure that whatever it is we do, we put in the extra effort to make it the best it can be. This is our craft and our passion.

Every member of the SMP Vegas team puts in their all-- Craig's magical color tweaks and attention to every detail; Matt's passion for solid design and art direction; Lil Chris' growth into a seasoned editor; Kevin's rock solid reliability as Vegas' premier audio producer and Amanda's continued patience and organization that makes SMP function smoothly. I am so proud of this team of professionals and can't thank them enough.

And now, as we head into 2014, we will take on new challenges and goals. We look forward to continuing our existing relationships and tackling some new ones. This year is going to be an interesting one... I promise.

Happy New Year!