Yep, that's right folks... we moved. Sun Media Productions is now located in Henderson.

Life is about change and change is good and in our case... change is great. Let's be honest, we never really fit at the location on Procyon. There were way too many memories of other people and situations. Plus, we literally did not fit. It was like getting hand-me-downs that were a bit worn and too big... it was a struggle to find an individual identity... there was always, "didn't this used to be..." or "I remember when." I know we all grew tired of the constant stroll down memory lane. Plus, most of the time it was not very positive. Well, we are now done with it all.

Sun Media Productions is now SMP Vegas. Our parent company, Greenspun Media Group, offered us the perfect opportunity to expand our services and open a brand new shop. And it is brand new. Construction started on November 23rd and was completed on the 29th. We moved in on the 30th and opened back up for business on December 3rd. It was like ripping a Band-Aid off... done before you knew it with a slight sensation of shock. New rooms, new furniture, new paint, new gear, a NEW STUDIO (still under construction)  but there is one big carry over from the old building... the talent.  

Our team has never been better. We are a unified group of creators. We love what we do and always strive to push the creative. In the next couple weeks, we will be making a handful of announcements- new technology, new services and a couple surprises. Also, this blog will serve as a sounding post, for the whole gang. We will keep you all up to date and let you know what we have going on. This is a new and exciting journey.  We all hope you will come along and play a part in making a creative and entertaining mark on the world. Yes, I said world. We will see you soon.